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At Base, we're all about the traveller...

So you're having the best time of your life and you need a fun place to stay?

We can help. We’ve been voted No.1 backpacker hostels by travellers world over for fun, comfort, security & a great travelling experience.

At Base, there are 14 hostels in some of the best locations in Australia & New Zealand, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Auckland to name a few, offering a modern, stylish range of budget rooms and beds from singles, doubles, twins, dorms & the Sanctuary - the original girls only concept.

It's all here. Start now...

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Full Moon Down Under Party Base Backpackers Hostel

Hostel Deals

  1. 2 Nights + Ferry + Breakfast + Dinner + Drink = AU$102
    Base Magnetic Island

    >> more info
  2. Weekly Special - AU$140*!!!
    Base Brisbane Embassy

  3. Weekly Dorm Deal from AU$199 for 7 Nights!
    Base Backpackers Sydney

    >> more info
  4. Australia Zoo Cheap Deal - AU$135 per person!
    Base Brisbane Central

    >> more info

Want to Party

  1. Base Magnetic Island:
    FULL MOON DOWN UNDER - The Only Full Moon party in Australia!!! Next party 8 May 2015, more info coming soon...

    08.05.2015 >> interested?

Travel Blog

  1. Travelling is addictive. We all know this. But why? Because it forces us to open our eyes, break our comfort zones and really live! ...

    Tue 28 Apr 2015 >> interested?
  2. Heading to Australia's Capital City? There's more to do in Canberra than indulge in the history of Australia. Check it out... ...

    Fri 24 Apr 2015 >> interested?
  3. Base St Kilda is in the heart of Melbourne's funky, beach side suburb...

    Mon 20 Apr 2015 >> interested?