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BUNGY Jumping around New Zealand

By Katie Tobias - Base Blogger

Last year Base sent me around New Zealand to experience and share all that this stunning country has to offer! Hobbits, Beaches, Mountains, Lakes, friendly Kiwis - and Bungy Jumping! I was lucky (I guess you could say lucky) to freefall from every Bungy Jumping platform in New Zealand - Auckland, Queenstown, Taupo and Rotorua! So here it is - a complete overview of NZ Bungy Bumping... 

Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy

Like most travellers I began my New Zealand adventure in Auckland. The city is stunning with neighbouring islands, harbour side bars and cafes and inner city bays. Auckland Harbour Bridge extends over Waitemata Harbour and has its very own Bungy pod. 

My experience began with a walk up, under and through the historic harbour bridge, knees shaking and attempting to take in the city views. This is one of the first bungy sites by AJ Hackett and offers the only ocean touch bungy in NZ. 

I climbed up the stiarcase, through the little man hole to the bungy pod and shaked and quivered whilst being geared up. The staff were super friendly and asked if I had any music recommendations. 

Before I knew it I was standing on the edge of the platform, with the cold waters of the harbour 40m below. It's this moment that you look up, take a deep breath, close your eyes and "LET GO!" For those of you yet to experience a free fall - it's a must! 

1 Down - 3 to go! 

Rotorua Agroventures Park

Rotorua is the volcanic capital of New Zealand - home to bubbling craters, steaming lakes and the smell of egg (sulphur) in the air. There is so much adventure to be had here - White Water Rafting, Zorb, Hobbiton, Luge, Gondola - just to name a few! 

Agroventures Park is Rotorua's very own adventure park, with loads of adrenalin fuelled activities to choose from - Shweeb, Swoop, Agrojet - and Bungy! 

You are taken to the top of the Bungy pod in a crane - this experience is scary in itself as you stand attached to a bungy chord on top of a quivering bungy pod. The greenery (much like Hobbiton) surrounds you as you prepare for yet another 'once in a lifetime' experience. 

I must admit - the second Bungy Jump was worse than the first! I knew exactly what to expect. I was eager to get another freefall fix - however could not stand that nervous feeling leading up to it.. ."Why am I doing this to myself?" 

But - I threw my hands up in the air, counted to 5 (left my eyes open this time) and LET GO! - It's the only way to describe the feeling. You literally just have to let go. 


The Bungy  Jump in Taupo is 47m high and leads into Waikato River - The highest water touch Bungy in NZ. The green waters of Waikato river are amazing and the town of Lake Taupo itself is green, and lakey and mountainous - stunning! 

This time I thought it be best that I shake things up a bit! I decided to go for a reverse bungy! I stood backwards on the jumping platform, steadily raised my hands into the air and leaped off the bungy pod. I was expecting a graceful freefall - however ended up doing a full back flip with a finishing touch in the cold waters of the river below. Made for some great photos!  

ledge bungy


 After my Taupo Bungy I knew I wanted to do all of them. The next stop was the adventure capital of the world - Queenstown. I had 3 options in Queenstown: Kawarau Bridge, Nevis Bungy and the Ledge Bungy.

The Kawarau Bridge Bungy jump - 43m high is a great "teaser" to the Nevis. I had done the Bridge Bungy a few years before hand (me first EVER Bungy Jump) so decided to go for something a little more thrilling.  

The Ledge Bungy is a new style Bungy in Queenstown. You’re not tied by the feet, it’s around the chest, so you’re free to run and jump off any way you can imagine - plus as it is situated 400m above the centre of Queenstown - it has some amazing views! Some say this is the scariest of all Bungy Jumps! 

And then you have the Nevis - the most talked about bungy of them all at 134m and the 3rd biggest in the world. As my last ever New Zealand Bungy Jump I thought I would dress up for the occassion - I purhcased a Superman Outfit and asked the Base Backpackers Facebook Fans for 100 Likes to Jump Blindfolded! With about 450 Likes - tt was locked in. My jump was to be shown to the world and there was no backing out. 

With my Superman Suit on and blindfold in hand - we made the bus journey out to the canyon. The little gondola to the Bungy pod was scary enough - shaking 200m above the depths of the canyon below. I won't tell you the rest - watch the video....


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